Jamul Chaparros By-Laws


Article I

Election of Officers

Officers shall be nominated at the April unit meeting each year.  Officers shall be elected by ballot at the May unit meeting each year.  Newly elected officers shall be installed at the June unit meeting.  All officers are expected to attend all unit meetings.  Executive officers (President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Correspondence Secretary and Treasurer) are also expected to attend all board meetings.  Three absences by an officer may result in removal from office.


Article II

Duties of Officers

The President shall preside at all unit meetings and have in mind at all times the best interest of the 4-H members.  The President may call special meetings with the consent of the organization volunteer(s).


The Vice-President shall perform the duties of the president in the absence of the President.  The Vice-President shall serve as the director of the program committee and membership committee. 


The Recording Secretary shall keep minutes of all 4-H meetings, and keep a correct roll of 4-H members.  The At the end of the 4-H year, the Recording Secretary will submit the Secretary Book to the Community Club Leader for inclusion with the Treasurer’s Record Book.  These will be turned into the County 4-H Extension Office. 


The Correspondence Secretary shall be responsible for the group’s correspondence.   Responsibilities include sending thank-you notes to guest speakers and people who make donations to the club.


The Treasurer shall keep an accurate record of all money received and paid out, and keep a report up to date in the 4-H Treasurer’s Book.  The Treasurer and the Community Club Leader will submit the Treasurer Book with the required reports to the County 4-H Extension Office by the county deadline.


The Reporter shall write news reports of 4-H meetings and events for the local newspaper.  The reporter shall encourage all 4-H members to write and submit articles also for local newspapers and club newsletters.


The Recreation Leader shall be responsible for the recreation period at 4-H meetings and events.


The Supply Officer shall order, store, and distribute club supplies.  The Supply Officer shall keep an inventory of the club apparel and be responsible for collecting money from the sale of item.  The Supply Officer shall also keep donated white shirts and pants.


The Historian shall collect and record all club’s events and happening during the year.  The Historian will submit the Historian Scrapbook to the County 4-H extension Office by the required county deadline.


The Sergeant-at-Arms shall be responsible for enforcing Robert’s Rules of Order at all Jamul Chaparros 4-H meeting.  Sergeant-at-Arms shall also welcome guests and make sure members sign-in at all meetings.


The Healthy Living Officer shall be responsible for providing leadership for all health-related activities and will help inform and educate club members on easy ways to incorporate physical activities and healthy eating habits into their lives.




Article III


The President may appoint committees for special purposes at any time. All committees must have a chairperson, member(s), communicate, and report findings at least one time with an Adult Volunteer to be official. Chairperson and member(s) must actively participate in order to get credit in their record book for the meeting. 

Article IV


The regular meeting of the group shall take place on the second Tuesday of each month unless the meeting hall is unavailable due to a school holiday, or other school event.  In that situation another date will be set.  With a minimum of 7 days notice, the president, with the consent of the organizational volunteer, may call special meetings.


Article V


A quorum shall consist of the 4-H members present at the 4-H meetings.


Article VI

Program of Work

A program of work for the year shall be written and adopted not later than the third meeting of the program year.  The program of work will be a tentative calendar for the program year.


Article VII

Rules of Order

Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the meetings of this unit.


Article VIII

Amending By-Laws

These by-laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at any regular meeting.


Article IX

Dissolution of Unit

Upon consideration the dissolution of the 4-H unit, the officers will inform the County 4-H YDP staff and County Council as to their desire and conformance to the following procedure:


The Jamul Chaparros 4-H Club shall be terminated and dissolved upon majority vote of the membership in favor dissolution of the 4-H unit.  Upon dissolution the of the 4-H unit for any reason, the officers shall take full account of the Jamul Chaparros 4-H unit assets and liabilities, and shall liquidate the assets as promptly as is consistent with obtaining the fair value thereof, and shall apply and distribute the proceeds there from in the following order:


a.       Payment of the debts and liabilities of the Jamul Chaparros 4-H club.


b.      Setting up of any reserves which the officers may deem necessary of any contingent or unforeseen liabilities or obligations of the Jamul Chaparros 4-H unit; such reserves shall be paid over by the Treasurer to the County Council.  The County Council will hold the funds in an escrow account for three (3) years for the purpose of contingent or unforeseen liabilities or upon re-establishment of the Jamul Chaparros 4-H unit.  At the expiration the 3-year period, the balance shall be distributed to the County Council for the purpose of program development directly relating to the enrichment of the quality of life of 4-H members and adult volunteers.


Each of the members shall be furnished with a statement prepared by the Jamul Chaparros 4-H club setting forth the assets, liabilities, and distribution upon complete liquidation.  Upon compliance with the foregoing terms and manner of distribution, the 4-H unit shall cease.



Article X

Agreed Upon Procedures

BUDGET:  The board members will need to prepare a budget and must approve in advance how the funds will be spent by the membership.  Any projects that are in need of funds must be approved in advance by the membership.


NON-SUFFICIENT FUNDS/RETURNED CHECKS:  In the event that a check is returned to the club for non-sufficient funds, the parent or legal guardian will be responsible for reimbursing the club not only for the original amount of the check, but also for any fees incurred by the club due to the NSF check.  The parent or guardian will be required to make all future payments to the club by one of the following:  Cash, cashier’s check, or money order.  The Community Club Leader will make a “reasonable effort” to work with the parents or legal guardians so NSF checks will not occur.


VACANT OFFICES:  In the event that an office is vacant, the President shall hold an election at the next unit meeting.


INCENTIVES PROGRAM:  The Jamul Chaparros incentives program is meant to encourage the members to attend club unit meetings and their project meetings.  The program will be determined by the board no later than the second meeting of the year.





Unit President:  ________________________________________________________________

                                  Natalie Helms


Community Club Leaders:  ________________________________________

                                                Kelli Helms



                                                    Wendy Teasdale


4-H YDP Staff:  ________________________________________________________________


County Director: _______________________________________________________________


These By-Laws were amended and adopted at the Club Unit Meeting on October 18, 2016.